Our Research Group

Over the last decades, mobile and wireless communications have become part of worldwide everyday life. Forthcoming generations of wireless systems (5G and Beyond 5G networks) are expected to provide new not only sophisticated multimedia services for anyone, anytime, anywhere and at the lowest possible cost, but also should be able to support very low latency communications and a huge variety of devices, from smart meters to smart phones. The Mobile Communications Group (MCG) at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) aims at playing a relevant role in researching and advancing the necessary enabling technologies to facilitate this step forward, including the physical, data link, transport, network and application layers, as well as their joint cross-layer optimisation.

Research Activities

The group’s mission is to focus on long-term research on wireless communications, networking, signal processing and information theory, to maintain national and international activities in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, to provide an outstanding education in electrical engineering, and to serve both the public and private sectors through the collective experience and expertise of its members.

Our short-term research activities are now focused on wireless architectures targetting the requirements of 5G networks. The group’s members are or have been recently involved and leading projects TERESA (Hybrid TERrEstrial/Satellite Air Interface for 5G and Beyond), ELISA (Enabling technologies for licensend and unlicensed shared access communications), AM3DIO (Adaptive multicarrier multiantenna multiuser networks based on distributed inference and optimisation), COSMOS (Cross-layer optimisation schemes in MIMO/OFDMA systems), MARIMBA (Cross-layer design applied to adaptive MIMO-MC/OFDM-CDMA based reconfigurable systems for integrated broadband wireless networks), XISPES (High-performance wireless networks for the health environment) and GESLOTEL (Wireless positioning for the tourism industry).